Larrigan Gothvos

The area known as Green Rocks

Gothvos is a Brythonic word mean “Knowledge” or to Know, my activities using adapted photography and ritual attempt to decribe the landscape through the language that originated from it. I locate stones that resemble the Axe Heads that were famously carved from the local Greenstone throughout the “Bronze Age” and were found in various amounts all over Britain and parts of Europe.
I write the word “Gothvos” or “Godhvos” on the stone in fairly good ink, I place the stone where I think it will link the microsm of the Stone with the geophysical and sensory elements in that particular setting, I take a photograph from as close as I can physically get and I leave the Stone exactly where I photographed it. I know that people have found them and I guess they have moved them just as I would hope they might. My particular consciousness of the Greenstone Axe Landscape is influenced by the existence of the half dozen or so Plutons of solid Granite that are arranged in various sizes as they “emerge” from beneath the Atlantic Ocean (1), expose themselves as The Isles of Scilly (2) rise out as Penwith Moors (3) landlocked at the great flat lode of Tregonning and Carnkie( 4) , gain altitude at White Moor Bodelva (5) expand greatly on Bodmin Moor (6) and finally the Pluton that was once Damnonia (Cornwall) Dartmoor (7). There are smaller fascinating outcrops at St.Agnes, Carn Bray etc

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